A Different Kind of March Madness

Like a multitude of other cherished annual traditions, the annual men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments staged collectively under the banner of “March Madness” have undergone some changes in the …

Your First One Hundred Days

Throughout history, elected leaders have assumed their office with a plan—or at least a few goals—relating to what they hope to accomplish over their first one hundred days. There’s nothing …

customer service hello


With the introduction of new tools like answering machines, recorded messages, faxed memos, and, eventually, email, the same cry went up from the same folks: “Depersonalization! I don’t want to talk to a machine, and neither do my customers!”

summer sunglasses


Is it June already? Yes, and in fact, we’re already ten days in. Given all that surrounds us right now, it’s easy to lose track. No doubt about it, we’ve arrived at a very different kind of summer.