Create Your Plan

Is your current strategy for growth driving the results you need and want? Is there a clear strategy that guides decision making throughout your organization? If there is a clear and powerful strategy, is it communicated effectively throughout your organization…are you all rowing in the same direction?


Think like a doctor here. You would be a tad skeptical of any medical professional who prescribed a course of treatment for a problem that hasn’t even been diagnosed yet. Likewise, we can’t in good faith begin to provide a solution for you without an initial exam. Plain and simple, we have to get to know you, the culture of your organization, and the people we will be working with prior to suggesting a course of action. Your results require it.


Orange Leaf Consulting is your partner. Plain and simple, we help you achieve your business objectives. We help inspire innovation when it’s needed, we assist in evolving operational minded businesses to become more sales and growth centric, and we stand by your side every step of the way, helping you with leadership challenges, organizational communication, and employee engagement. The consulting process is constantly evolving, and we partner with our clients at every stage to ensure lasting results.


It’s no mystery why elite athletes give generous credit to their coaches for their success…a good coach has a unique way of tapping into another person’s potential. They see blind spots you don’t, they push you higher than you thought you’d ever go, and they hold you accountable to the goals you’ve set for yourself. Coaching in business is no different. Our coaches work with senior leadership, mid-level managers and frontline employees to both identify goals and achieve results. We help you focus. We hold you accountable. We provide a sounding board outside your immediate circle. Bottom line, coaching works. Get and stay on track with personalized coaching.

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Create Your Plan

Our process helps leaders define and commit to effective growth strategies, communicate changes for maximum employee engagement and then implement them consistently for maximum results.

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