How many times do we see someone achieving something we’ve always dreamed of, and say to ourselves, “what a lucky guy/gal?”
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March 17th, 2020
Today we’re going to talk about a phenomenon commonly known as “chickening out.”
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March 5th, 2020
We can learn a lot of lessons from winter. There’s the beauty of winter’s early snowfalls, giving us a moment to pause and wonder. There’s the deeper spirit of giving ...
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February 5th, 2020
A new year brings with it a fresh opportunity for us to improve whatever’s not quite right in our lives…to work for the things we believe will make us better ...
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January 14th, 2020
As you’re shopping for holiday gifts at the mall this season, take a few minutes to observe what’s going on in Santa’s workshop. What you’ll see and hear is kid ...
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December 10th, 2019
Sometimes I’m asked about the origin of our company name, Orange Leaf Consulting. Well, there’s a definite thought behind it, and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with citrus ...
By Vikkie Noble
November 20th, 2019