Dr. Daryl W. Wiesman

Dr. Daryl W. Wiesman
Behavior Guru

Okay, okay, I understand. You thought long and hard and finally took the plunge. You implemented a complex quality program in your organization that cost plenty of time and a pretty penny. You instigated self-directed work teams companywide. It could be Six Sigma. It could be TQM. It could be Managing for Continuous Improvement. Whatever you call it, you discovered your cure-all processes and teams are not achieving the results you intended. A feeling of despair permeates the organization.

It might not be the processes. It might not be the principles of team work. In fact, I am going to give the quality programs and the teams the benefit of the doubt. They are what they should be, time-tested systems and approaches to reach your desired targets.

So if it isn’t the processes or team principles, what is it? Well, have you looked at behavior? That’s right, the B word, BEHAVIOR, what your workers do and say. If your associates are not communicating effectively and not doing what they should be doing, no well-honed processes or quality programs will be successful.

This is where I come in. Working with your management, your self-directed work teams and workers at all levels in the organization, together we can focus on behavior. I will teach you and your associates how observe and analyze behavior allowing us to determine why workers are doing what they are doing or not doing what they should be doing. We will implement uncomplicated systems that measure both behaviors and pursued outcomes. We will create winning communication proficiencies to positively reinforce the desired behaviors and results. And all of these practices remain perfectly in sync with the quality programs, systems and teams your currently have in place.

So if your process outcomes are not what you had expected. If your work teams are not delivering what was projected. Now is right the moment for us to talk about these gaps and implement a performance management intervention tailored to your exact needs and systems.

Specializing in Performance Management and Self-directed Work Teams, Dr. Daryl Wiesman holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication. He has over thirty years of experience in industry and corporations. As a university professor, he won acclaim as an effective teacher accumulating numerous awards and distinctions regionally and nationwide. Daryl has taught management and organizational communication courses on both the undergraduate and graduate levels

Working in unison with his clients, Daryl creates and implements performance interventions achieving pinnacle results. Fun and energetic, he presents forceful and cogent workshops on such topics as sales, leadership, customer service, coaching, and management, taking a practical and hand-on bent to allow his participants to apply what they have learned quickly. An accomplished speaker, Daryl is a regular speaker in organizations, universities and executive roundtables. He has presented at national and international conferences.

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