Jeff Klubeck, M.A.

Jeff Klubeck, M.A.
Ambassador of Assessments

I’ll never forget my freshmen year of college when the importance of “knowing yourself” became clear to me. I remember calling it “Rule #1: Know Yourself!” I’ve given other “rule #’s” to various success principles I’ve realized ever since, but nothing has been more important that knowing myself. For example, in writing one’s own bio, knowing one’s own self would be helpful!

Since college I’ve built a career helping people advance their careers or businesses and nothing is more critical to this work than self-knowledge and self-awareness. Today, as a Behavioral Coach and Consultant, I rely heavily on Assessment tools to promote this value. If you knew how to interpret D.I.S.C. and “Values” Assessments AND IF you interpreted mine, for example, you might conclude that I am a persuading/promoting, bottom-line, service-based, variety-oriented, fast-paced, goal-focused and extroverted people person. Definitely someone who believes in “his ways” but not at the expense of selfless service to his clients’ bottom line!

Looking at my “real bio”, however, you’d see a list of the clients I’ve served or a one-liner about the business I built and run or perhaps a paragraph full of the accolades and accomplishments I’ve earned along the way. But to really know me I’d recommend checking out my D.I.S.C. and Values Assessments. They get to the bottom line!

I look forward to discussing Assessments with you! More of my “real bio” follows below…

Through the “portals” of Wolf Management Consultants, Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A. joins Orange Leaf Consulting to provide Behavioral Assessment Products and Coaching Services. Jeffrey earned his Masters Degree in Communication at San Diego State University and adds Certificates in Coaching, Behavioral Assessment and Human Resources Management to his fields of expertise.

As a Professor of Communication and highly sought-after Speaker and Coach, Jeff speaks to numerous business, associations and classrooms on the topics of: Business Development, Goal Setting, Staffing/Team Building and Retention, Effective Meetings, Critical Thinking, Workplace Communication, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Consultative Sales, Personal and Group Accountability, Competitive Advantage, Persuasion and Behavioral Change!

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