Dr. Tait Martin

Dr. Tait Martin
Chief Inquisitor & Head Geek

Dr. Tait Martin brings nearly two decades of experience as a research, communication and strategy professional to Orange Leaf Consulting. In addition to his position at Orange Leaf, Tait is the president and CEO of The iNSiGHT Cooperative, a national network of researchers and industry experts that helps clients focus their outreach messages, build stronger relationships and develop programs that better define the way they reach the people who matter to them.

Tait is sought after by many organizations to develop strategies which encourage people to think, feel and act in ways that generally make their world a better, more productive place. He is a popular fixture at corporate and organizational events where he teaches people the importance of insight and “how to get people to do stuff.”

A winner of some of the industry’s most prestigious awards (including the Emmy®, Silver Anvil® and Gold Addy®), Tait holds a Ph.D. in Communication Theory and Research (emphasis in persuasion and cognitive processing) from Florida State University, as well as a Masters in Organizational and Interpersonal Communication from the University of Louisiana. His undergraduate degree in public relations is from Northwestern State University.

Tait’s research skills span both qualitative and quantitative methods including survey design and implementation; focus group moderation; ethnographies; in-depth interviewing; social science experiments and quasi-experiments; and advanced quantitative analysis (e.g. ANOVA, regression and general linear modeling).

To date, Tait has conducted hundreds of projects and presentations about research, social marketing, organizational development and communication to clients ranging from international corporations and local nonprofit organizations to government agencies and higher education institutions.

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