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If you know Orange Leaf Consulting™, you know we are all about helping your company to grow BIG by aligning sales efforts. Now, there’s another great way to get your employees empowered to impact the bottom line. Our very own Dr. Cindy has written a book called, Every Job Is a Sales Job. But this is not just for salespeople. This book is for every member of your team because every job really is a sales job.

In the book, Dr. Cindy takes the “ick” out of sales and helps the reader to realize they have been selling their whole lives. She reveals the wide array of “selling” opportunities all around every day–even the unofficial sales that you may never have considered to be sales at all.

Dr. Cindy walks you through her simple, five-step formula based on the best practices of today’s leading salespeople:

  • Plan: Determine exactly what it is you want and set a clear path for getting it.
  • Look for Opportunities: Train yourself to recognize opportunities for success when they present themselves.
  • Establish Trust: Communicate effectively and listen.
  • Ask for What You Want: Move past the fear of rejection and make your “ask” in just the right way.
  • Follow Up: Stay in touch (even if the answer is “no”) and ask for referrals, references, and introductions.

Once you embrace the fact that we are all salespeople, you’ll see doors opening everywhere. Change the way you see your career, yourself, and the people you interact with every day, so you can start getting what you want and reserve—starting today.

“Maybe you’ve heard it said that everybody sells, but you didn’t believe it. This book will prove it true and teach you how to use it to advance your career and your organization. You won’t learn gimmicks or sketchy tactics but ethical principles of persuasion that are practical and effective. (And if you already are a sales professional, this book will help make you better, too.)”

Mark Sanborn, President, Sanborn & Associates, Inc., International Best-Selling Author of The Fred Factor and The Intention Imperative