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OLC Keynote Speaking

We love public speaking! Engaging audiences, firing them up and creating memorable experiences with our keynote address is just one of the Orange Leaf Consulting® hallmarks. Here’s a list of our most popular themes and titles:


Think sales or cold calling are “icky”? It doesn’t have to be! Sales isn’t just for sales reps. Everyone in your organization is a rep – of your brand, your services, and your products!

Every Job is a Sales Job
Every day we sell our products, our ideas and ourselves to others. But rarely are we ever taught HOW to do this. We just figure it out along the way. But! The best salespeople follow a proven “sales” process to get what they want and meet the goals of others. Every conversation is a sales conversation. This keynote shows that you are persuading, convincing, and educating in every encounter.

Sales Basics: From the Top of the Funnel to the Bottom Line
Revamp your sales technique – for your product and yourself. Are you tapping into your current clients for referrals? Identify your ROI and ROE in this critical keynote seminar. Let’s turn that sales funnel into something real!

Grow Big or Go Home®! Creating and Executing a Winning Growth Plan
You wouldn’t launch a product or an expedition without a plan, right? So why would you lead a team or even your kid’s soccer team without one? This seminar takes you and your team through the details of a real, actionable plan.

Death of a Salesman, Birth of a Sales Team
Don’t have a sales team? Whether you’ll never have one, or you’re just developing one, this workshop shows you the ins and outs of creating master sellers out of anyone! This seminar covers the basics of finding good people and keeping them!


Life is a series of transactions! Take sales lessons and apply them to real life, easily.

The Art of Networking: From Small Talk to Big Deals
The lost art of small talk, communication and body language – all without staring at your cell phone!

What Makes You “You”? The Value of Differentiation
Do you know what sets you apart? Do your clients? Can you articulate your “specialness” in a sentence?

‘No’ is Temporary! The Art of Persuasive Conversation
From convincing, to selling, to reaching your goals – learn to change a “No” to a “Not Yet.” This seminar is great for growing your business even when the playing field isn’t even.


Leaders can always use more techniques to keep their team engaged, excited and motivated.

Fundamentals of Sales Management: Planning, Directing, Coaching, Winning!
Welcome Aboard: Effective On-Boarding for Managers and Newbies! Got millennials? This great seminar is built to teach culture, communication and successful career launching. From personal skills to office politics and accountability – we cover it all!

It’s More Than Lunch: Building a Productive Mentoring Relationship
It’s more than just lunch! What?? Yes! There is actually a formula for making sure your coaching and mentoring are incredibly successful for both of you! It’s easy to mentor a newbie, but what about your peers? This seminar explores general mentoring, with an emphasis on internal connections.

Winning Team Management: Getting Your Crew on Task, on Target, and to the Finish Line
Is everyone rowing in the same direction? Do they trust each other? Is there mutual understanding and respect? It’s time to grab the reigns of your team and get all the horses working together.