How We Help: Implementation

Our approach is a little different from many consulting companies. We actually consult and give you the tools to take the next big steps on your own. But before we go, we teach you how to do it … and most of the time, your company won’t even know we are there, so you get all the credit!

So how do we get it done? It’s all in our “secret sauce” formula – the Orange Leaf Consulting™ Methodology.

And it’s more than a band-aid! We change human behavior at the most fundamental level to create long term impact. You’ll learn what you need to be doing with the tools you have, how to use new tools, and how to leverage the human capital you already have.


Assessment. Your doctor wouldn’t treat you without an exam. Likewise, determining solutions for you begins with an initial assessment. Plain and simple, we have to get to know you, the culture of your organization, and the people we will be working with prior to suggesting a course of action. Trust us, you’ll thank us for it later, and your results will show it.


Strategy. Ok – so now we know what your company needs…now what?! In short – you’ve got to create a plan. To get from Point A to Point B, you need a roadmap. We help you plot the course for growth, helping you create your plan every step of the way. That could mean anything from leadership development, sales process revamps, organizational communications, or even employee engagement. Your custom map will take you to where you need and want to be.


Implementation. Making your map and plan a reality may seem like the tough part, but this is fun part! This is where you start to see the magic happen, and we will coach you through it. We will unlock the potential you and your team hold and help you avoid the blind spots you don’t see. You and your team will fly higher than you thought was possible because we will help you focus and stick to the plan you made.

And this process works every time! Just ask our clients.