The road to success is paved with thorough planning and thoughtful execution. At Orange Leaf Consulting®, we have years of experience in consulting, behavior, assessment and teaching. Most importantly, we are true consultants – we partner with you to set the organization on a new course – then we leave you with the tools to lead.

Founding Partner, Management Consulting Firm

As a small firm in a very competitive market, we’ve relied on Cindy to help us build our sales chops and approach high stakes sales conversations with the mindset and strategies we need to spend less time spinning wheels and more time closing deals.  Huge thanks for the killer strategies and concrete tools, and for believing in us. It’s making a yuuuge difference!

Management Consulting Firm

Regional Manager Title Insurance Underwriter

Working with OLC has given us great results. They assessed our organization which helped create strategies that have ultimately increased our net revenue by 29%, reduced expenses, and improved communication with our customers, as well as within our team. We continue to see positive results from the work we did with them.

Title Insurance

Michael Rubin, NTP

I worked with OLC for six months over 10 years ago, and I haven’t been a client of theirs since. It has been incredible. What you learn you can take with you forever and use. It’s about learning structure. How to do a 90-day plan, weekly plan, or run sales meeting. I have taken their structure with me to many companies, ones I have worked for and ones that I have owned. The OLC system is applicable to all sides of the business. 

The first meeting with OLC was an intro to the program and the idea that everyone contributes to sales in some way. I took to it quickly and realized I was in the wrong position. OLC pulled out in me things that were always there and taught me how to do this job. How to succeed in sales – since I learned from her first I was never taught the wrong way. OLC changed my career.  

Very few people do the small things right to lead to sales; OLC captures all the thinking and systems to do it right from the beginning.  


Eric Shaw, EPIC

I owe a lot of my success to OLC, because at the end of the day if I didn’t meet them I wouldn’t have the structure I have today. Cindy was my parlay into using a sales methodology – how to ask questions, how to make calls, how many calls I needed to make, how many appointments I needed to book. OLC made me understand what I needed to do to achieve my revenue goals.

They gave me a sales system, and I have achieved extraordinary success using the system and not deviating from it. The amount of money you can make using OLC’s methodology is endless – and I mean that.

Every athlete still has a coach, a salesperson is no different. We need someone to hold us accountable, and OLC does that for me.  


Paul Lindsay, EPIC

Cindy is a reality based consultant that is able to get a salesperson to understand the fundamentals of what they have to do. She gets them past the hurdles and focused on problem solving and the tasks at hand. She has a PhD but doesn’t get wrapped up in theory. She’s practical and uses practical training pieces.  

I think Cindy represents 21st century thought, technology, and methodology. She understands that we communicate differently than we did even five years ago. 

My team member is a superstar; he has that drive and wants to train, train, train. But that drive can get blunted without good mentoring. I give Cindy that credit, for keeping him sharp over the years.