The road to success is paved with thorough planning and thoughtful execution. At Orange Leaf Consulting®, we have years of experience in consulting, behavior, assessment and teaching. Most importantly, we are true consultants – we partner with you to set the organization on a new course – then we leave you with the tools to lead.


Sales, in my experience, is generally a very aggressive, confrontational, high pressure, sort of endeavor where instead of doing business with the “right” customer who wants you, it teaches you how to “convince” any customer why they need you. OLC uses the former strategy, it’s a subtle perspective change, but one I appreciate and it suits my world view.  I feel as if their techniques focus less on aggression and more on thoughtful persuasion.  

I am a  self-described “quiet person.” Quiet people are the introverts among us, who gain energy and recharge by being by themselves. The thing that struck me about OLC’s approach to sales is that it is really applicable to quiet people. Tradition sales is a numbers game, talk to 1,000 people to get 50 responses. But I felt as if their approach was, “Know your customer, know yourself, and only talk to those who can engage in mutual benefit with you.” I do not need to talk to people ad nauseum. I just need to talk to the right people. I signal to people who I am and what I can offer by showing them I understand what they get out of the deal, before I ever talk about what I want out of the deal.

M.S., Esquire

Jennifer R. Regional Manager National Title and Escrow

We partnered with Dr Cindy to help get us on the right track for the new year by hosting an event for our team and our clients. As our guest speaker, Dr. Cindy was inspiring to all who attended and was so enjoyable for us to work with. The kit that she provides is full of real-life tools that effectively help you to realize the salesperson within you and learn to sell the best thing that you can offer – you!

Jennifer R. Regional
Manager National Title and Escrow

Timothy S. Butts, Vice President | Regional Agency Manager| Westcor Land Title Insurance Company

I recently had the pleasure of engaging Dr. Cindy McGovern… We brought her techniques on personal branding to 100 select Realtors.. On camera she is very calm, cool, well rehearsed and in absolute command of the subject matter. Creating a personal brand is a very powerful tool in sales and marketing but it’s not something that just happens by accident! I would highly recommend Orange Leaf Consulting to help with your growth plans and utilize Dr. Cindy to bring your plans to reality, I know we will be using her again!

Nate M

“Working with Dr. Cindy has been eye-opening. Before meeting with her, I was struggling to find a clear path in my career. But through insightful guidance and unwavering support, she helped me refocus and see things from a new perspective. Her approach, which combines practical strategies with empathetic understanding, enabled me to identify my core values, align my goals and establish a plan to reach them. This not only gave me a renewed sense of direction but also empowered me to make decisions with confidence and clarity. I am deeply grateful for her impact on me and highly recommend her coaching services to anyone seeking meaningful change.”

Nate M., Business Development