Recruiting Made Easy: Part 2

Recruiting Made Easy: Part 2

Alright, we’re back. If you missed the first installment of Recruiting Made Easy, steps 1-5, click hereto read it first. This month we’ll wrap up with the final 5 steps.

Sell Them on Their Story

Now that you know what the candidate wants… you must connect the dots on how this job or position fits into their plan, how it meets needs they didn’t previously realize they had. Paint the picture for them of what the position would be like and how awesome it would be. At this point, your candidate isn’t as interested in why or how much you love the organization, or how sure you are that they will love it too. You have got to connect the dots with the why behind the reason that this place, right now, is the solution to their current unmet needs that you uncovered during discovery. Sell them ontheir story. Not yoursIt often helps to introduce them to other team members so they can visualize working there. Lastly, be flexible in customizing the role for the right candidate (working remotely, flex hours, etc.)

Secure the Candidate

Once you have sold them on their story, you will want to meet in person to make the job offer, or if that is not possible, use technology like FaceTime or Skype so you can be face to face. Then, settle on clear next steps and agree on a timeline. Finally, get them ready for battle. If they have to go back and quit their current job, walk them through the ‘break up’ before they leave your office. Assume they will get a counter offer, and help them be resolute by asking them what, if anything, would make them reconsider your offer. Ask them to please call you prior to making a final decision if they are wavering. Most candidates are not just trying to get a raise when considering a recruitment offer, don’t make the mistake of assuming this is the case if your candidate ultimately declines. Keep the door open if they are professional, and know that the timing just wasn’t right, but it will be someday.

Manage the Candidate

Reconfirm and solidify the agreed upon timeline within 24 hours of offer letter. Find/make up reasons to call, at least once a week, or even daily, until their first day (i.e.: what do you want your business cards to say, how do you want your office set up, etc.) The goal is to make them feel welcome, before they even walk in the door!

First Day Fiesta

They have joined your family so give a “proper” welcome. Make sure they know…

  1. You were carefully chosen from a list of candidates;
  2. We are glad you are here;
  3. You’re part of an awesome organization;
  4. This is why your job is important.

Create a Plan from Day One

Your new employee needs to know what to expect from the moment they begin their new job. Lay it out for them IN WRITING so that there is no question. Get other associates and managers involved in making the new person feel welcome, as well as ensuring their success. Consider assigning a non-management buddy, someone they can go to so they don’t feel like they are bothering people. Close the first day with meaning. This is more than just going for a drink to celebrate. Create in your schedule an appointment for end of day whenever you have a new hire. Ask them what they learned, what they are most excited about, what are they most nervous about. They will have this dialogue in their head or with a family member that night, so they might as well have it with you! Note: most employees decide whether to stay or go in their first 90 days of employment! You worked hard to make this happen, so make sure your new recruit is in it for the long haul!

Cultivate Your Garden

Get your team involved in recruiting. This is an ongoing brainstorm with your staff on what positions are needed, why and who they think would be a good fit. Communicate your specific recruiting goals with your managers and make sure they communicate with their teams. Train them how to filter candidates…not everyone’s cousin will be a good fit and you don’t want to be bombarded with relatives’ resumes. So teach them how to qualify candidates before they submit a resume. Make sure to tell them what’s in it for them… do they get a recruiting bonus? Even better than that, they get to have a say in who they get to work with every day!!

This seems like a lot, and it is. BUT, if you follow these steps for recruiting you will 1) shorten your recruiting cycle 2) attract better quality candidates and 3) you will retain better talent!!

Grow Big or Go Home!