Ahead of a Woodchuck

Ahead of a Woodchuck

Punsxutawney Phil did not see his shadow, and spring is fast approaching. The weather forecast might show winter storms or a few below-freezing nights, but there is no doubt that the days are passing quickly and signs of spring are … well … springing up everywhere. It’s time to start gearing up for the business rush once the winter thaws out.

Prepare ahead of time with these three simple steps:

  1. Organize Your Database.

Do you keep track of your last contact with former clients? How about current ones? When did you last get in touch with business contacts? Take the time to communicate with them today; farrow the ground in advance of spring and you might find business is growing before you know it. Let people know you are around with a helpful email, a newsletter, or a “how’s it going” phone call.

Trim your database where needed, organize it into categories such as frequency of engagement or length of time in business, and add to it as much as possible with new contacts. Always seek referrals.

  1. Review Your Advertising and Marketing Plan.

Where do you advertise? Are you on Facebook regularly? What about Twitter? LinkedIn? Each of these networking sites is a world in its own … but it’s not only about social media or who’s starring in the latest season of Game of Thrones. Businesses are using them in advertising … both free and paid. Determine what works for you, but don’t neglect the worldwide web. (Because everyone is on it!)

Also consider other advertising venues such as a seminar or a community event (keeping in mind regulations, of course!).

  1. Gear Up Your Team.

Does it seem like your team spirit is a little snowed under? Bring out the sunshine with a company picnic, a casual day, or a karaoke party (yep, we said it!). Let everyone contribute something, and let each one of your employees know how much you appreciate what they bring to the table (and not just at the potluck, but every day they come to work).

Gather your members together, spread the team spirit, ensure everyone is on the same page, and inspire them to aim high as the new season draws near.

Be a step ahead of Punsxutawney Phil this spring … whether it starts six weeks early or not.

Grow Big or Go Home!