Ask for the Business

Ask for the Business

Have you ever noticed at a fast food restaurant, they ask “Would you like fries with that?” or “would you like the meal deal?” And at sit-down restaurants, only the best waiters and waitresses will bring you the dessert menu and make a suggestion before you even have a chance to ask for your check. What about the dessert cart? And the carwash, surely you’ve been asked if you want a wax for only $2 more. These are all ways that you are being asked for your business. And it works too, doesn’t it?

We’ve worked with clients who, believe it or not, don’t ever ask for the business. I know, that sounds crazy, right? But it’s true. They will say something like “if there is anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to call me.” Or they might venture a “I’d love to work with you” if they are feeling really brave. But this isn’t actually asking for business! Why do people do that? There are two basic reasons.

One, they are actually unaware that they are not asking for anything. They assume that by softly putting it out there, the potential client knows what they mean. Well, you know what they say about ASSuming things, right?!

Two, they fear rejection. Overcoming a “no” poses a bigger challenge. One way of making sure you don’t have to overcome a “no”, don’t ask a “yes or no” question, right? Some sales professionals will walk away upon getting a “no”, some see it as the ultimate thrill. Those that fear rejection are the ones who are pansy-footing it around asking for business assertively. Assume the “no”, but ask anyway, because the answer is always “no”…until it isn’t.

I have a challenge for you: Ask at least one person for their business today!! Here are a few ways to ask…just to help you get started:

First day of class:
“Now that we both have a better feel for what I can do for you and how we might approach this situation, shall we get started?”

1st degree black belt:
“Since it looks like we can really be a big help to you, can I open a contract for you?”

Super Ninja Jedi Level:
“Could I open an order for you today?”

Give it a try…you just might surprise yourself!!

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