crazy ates

For the holidays, I cuddled up with a blanket in front of a warm fire and let my mind wander…..and, feeling the urge to create, I spent some time coming up with a variation on the old children’s card game “Crazy Eights.” Except my version is called “Crazy Ates.”   You see, I started to contemplate all the things managers should integrate into their toolboxes as they formulate winning strategies for 2022, and I came with eight “-ates” for you to ruminate on…

  • COMMUNICATE. I cannot exaggerate the importance of this—in order to generate positive results and alleviate misunderstanding, I must designate this as your top priority. Make sure to circulate key info to the right people and moderate the flow of what they need to know.
  • ARTICULATE. It’s not enough just to communicate, though; you need to calibrate your messages with the appropriate words and tone. Never publicly denigrate, berate or castigate; try not to vacillate; and most certainly don’t bloviate.  
  • ILLUMINATE. Try to make sure your words illuminate your mission and elevate the spirits of your team. Encourage them to cooperate in pursuit of their goals as they navigate their workday; you’re likely to see some good new ideas originate as a result.
  • DIFFERENTIATE. Be sure to punctuate your messages with ideas that stipulate what makes you different from your competitors and accentuate the positive attributes of your company and team. If you can eliminate any confusion about the role they play in your successes, you can negate the uncertainty that can undermine confidence.  
  • DELEGATE. Assigning key tasks to a subordinate not only serves to validate their performance and designate them as capable but also makes them a candidate for advancement. Plus, it helps to regulate your own workflow.  
  • EVALUATE. Don’t underestimate the importance of taking time to evaluate. When things go off-target, carefully narrate the chain of events and elucidate your team on how to make corrections. (Chances are they’ll recuperate, and so will you.)
  • MOTIVATE. All of these tools will help to motivate your team members, especially if you radiate positivity and emanate good feelings. If you don’t deviate from this plan, you’re giving your team a mandate for success.
  • CELEBRATE. When good things happen, don’t segregate your team; instead, have them congregate, either in person or online, and share the success! It’s your job to officiate at these gatherings and give everyone a chance to recreate a little. So don’t hesitate!

Whew! That’s a whole lot of “-ates.” But I hope you didn’t suffocate. So as I get ready to terminate, I’ll leave you to contemplate and meditate.

But remember, we’re all in 2022’s starting gate, and if we don’t procrastinate, at this rate, we can get the year started in a winning state.

Enabling us to…. GROW BIG OR GO HOME! (So choose your fate.)