Gifts from the Wise

Gifts from the Wise

Perhaps this goes without saying, but the wisest give the very best gifts. So take it up a notch in your business as you prepare gift-giving this holiday season … and in the year to come. How? Here are a few ideas for you.

  1. Generosity

It seems everyone is a bit leery of being generous these days, so choose to stand out from all the rest! Generosity doesn’t mean you have to be the man from the old poem who doesn’t even have half a coin to spare. There is always something you can give to better your business or improve your company. Share your ideas; don’t keep them to yourself. Extend your praise and appreciation to those around you. Dispense your talents in every area of your work. Ideas, praise, and talents – none of them cost a cent.

  1. Frankness

I don’t know about you, but I love honesty. The more straightforward the better. Okay, you don’t have to use a two-by-four, but frankness is always appreciated more than beating around the bush and hiding behind the hedges. Give honesty to your team this year. Improve the climate of your company with openness. Maintain an open-door policy, and be frank with your responses and input in every aspect of business.

  1. More

Don’t give everything, don’t do what you can’t do … but determine that “more” will be your buzzword. More excellence. More professionalism. More energy. More of you. The great thing is that these are contagious, and the energetic attitude of excellence will catch on and spread to others in your company.

Generosity, frankness, and more. Maybe they’re not the most original gifts, but they won’t wear thin or go out of style. And they can last all through the year to come, growing better with age. Only the wisest can boast of giving such gifts.

Grow Big or Go Home!