Why Gratitude is Essential for Your Brand


During this season of thankfulness, let’s get real about gratitude.

Pause for a second and consider: When was the last time you expressed gratitude to your employees and colleagues in a tangible way—more than just saying “thanks” for their hard work, creativity, dedication, and, well, simply for being them?

Did I stump you? Well, if you can’t think of something quickly, this post is for you!

Gratitude is More than Saying Thanks

Building a culture of gratitude in the workplace is a win-win. But building a personal brand that includes gratitude is essential for success. Gratitude that truly makes people feel valued helps improve work relationships and mental and physical health – not to mention making employees and team members want to come to work and be more likely to contribute to the company’s success!

When people feel valued and recognized for their efforts, they are healthier and happier. Plus, expressing appreciation for others is actually good for YOU, too–really! It reduces stress, improves sleep and builds resilience. And who doesn’t need a little of that??

Gratitude is important all the time, but especially in the age of the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting for companies. It’s more critical now than ever before to make sure everyone feels appreciated and committed. It’s hard to retain top-quality talent and build a work environment where people want to stay invested – but when you focus more on gratitude, you can stand out among most companies today that miss this critical piece of workplace culture.

Is Gratitude a Part of Your Brand?

Your personal brand goes far beyond your company logo. A personal brand is a blueprint for how you present yourself to the world. It governs how you treat others and interact with clients.

Your personal brand emanates from your leadership style and approach. Creating a positive workplace culture is central to your company’s health and overall branding, and when each personal has a strong personal brand it impacts retention, recruitment, productivity and engagement in your workplace.

Here are some ideas for making gratitude part of your personal brand and your company’s culture:

  1. Just saying “thanks” isn’t enough. Be thoughtful. Be sincere. Write a well-thought-out thank-you note. Send a little e-card after a difficult project. Notice something a team member did that was helpful. Compliment them and acknowledge that what they bring to the team (creativity, ideas, dedication, kindness) is valuable to you (not just the company).
  2. Make your gratitude be about the whole person. Recognition for hard work is valuable, but gratitude acknowledges the value the person brings to the team based on who they are, not just their accomplishments. Like expressing gratitude for someone being a team player, or for their creativity. This shows you value them as a person–not just as a means for getting work done.
  3. Be a role model. Create time and space for gratitude. Create routines to carve out specific times to reflect on your teammates and think of unique ways to thank them. Set the tone and you’ll most likely see others follow along.
  4. Invest in your own growth and development. Hire a coach, take a class, listen to podcasts, read a book on how to create a powerful personal brand.
  5. Investing in your team’s professional development will not only provide opportunities to help them grow and to make them feel valued, but it will also pay off as your team’s skills grow and benefit your company at the same time.

The Challenge

When should you start adding gratitude to your brand?

The answer is….right now! Don’t wait.

So, I challenge you this month!

Incorporate gratitude into your personal brand and your company’s culture. Even if you think you already thank your team regularly, try some new ways of showing gratitude. Incorporate them into your brand. Make it a part of who you are as a leader, and how your company functions. Then, watch your company culture improve, and your staff become more committed and invested.

And, as a bonus, I’m betting you’ll feel really good too!

Try it out, put those ideas into place, and you’ll see this is another great opportunity to….grow big!