How can they miss you if you won’t go away?

How can they miss you if you won’t go away?

The title of this post may sound like a bad country song, but in reality, it poses a real question….and many managers are still reluctant to the grasp the message.

Now that summer is officially here, so is that cherished American tradition, the good old summer vacation. And if you are a plugged-in, nose-to-the-wheel Type-A type, taking a little time off may well run contrary to your fundamental nature.

But even if you have to force yourself—do it!

Here are a few good reasons why….

  1. Absence Makes the Staff Grow Stronger

It’s long been a given that the most effective managers are the ones who can leave the office and have the normal day-to-day continue without a hitch. But that nagging worry that things will fall apart the minute you’re gone remains one of the biggest obstacles for leaders needing to rest and refresh.

Some don’t WANT to know what will happen—good OR bad—while others just want to feel needed. Still others—the lucky ones—truly enjoy their work and simply hate to be torn away.

However, even in the best case scenarios, taking a brief leave of absence can do a lot to empower your direct reports. Your absence can stimulate independent thinking, enhance their engagement, lay the groundwork for professional and personal growth, and—don’t take this personally—even improve their morale.

So if YOU don’t feel like you need a break, do it for THEM.

  1. Ever Try To Fix a Moving Car?

If you have, chances are you came away with a few less fingers. That’s why NASCAR drivers make pit stops.

And so it goes with modern life. Day in and day out, we encounter aggravating little situations and conditions that we vow to fix….as soon as we get time.

Well, you know those dozen vacation days you earn every 12 months? There’s your time.

We’re simply not built to run 52 weeks a year without a break or two, so take a break BEFORE you break.

Spending a little time to fix what’s bugging you will pay big dividends as soon as you re-connect.

  1. If You Must Work….Pull the Plug

What’s the one activity that most managers absolutely, positively never devote a sufficient amount of time to?


Time to think should be part of our daily routine, and not something we treat as a luxury. Unfortunately, it invariably sinks to the bottom of the to-do list, in the face of hundreds of other more pressing tasks.

So if you just can’t switch your brain from its “office” setting, use some of your vacation time for simple, device-free contemplation.

Removed from office distractions, you might be amazed at how quickly answers to some of your toughest workplace issues may come in a relaxing, unplugged environment.

No, managing your time, energy and brain power isn’t ever easy, and for some of us, the transition into summer vacation can bring its share of challenges.

But with the right approach and attitude, it can become as easy as a walk in the woods….or a day at the beach.


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