How to Keep Your Torch Ablaze

How to Keep Your Torch Ablaze

In ancient Greece, they had a competition called the torch race. It is what it sounds like. A race … with a torch. Coming in first was important, of course, but you only won if your torch was still burning. The speed of the runner wasn’t as vital as the flame he bore.

Sound familiar? Did you start the New Year running hard, but today you feel like you’re already off course from the goals you’ve set? Or like your inspiration and flame is dwindling more and more the faster you run?

Perhaps it’s time to cut the speed and focus on the flame. Here’s how:

  1. Increase your Inspiration

What inspires you? An early morning jog? Latte and a good book at the start of your day? Rewarding yourself with an ice cream run after checking everything off your daily to-do list? Meditating at a retreat every summer?

It’s different for everyone, so find what works for you. And then don’t neglect it. Inspiration is vital to keep that flame burning as you race to reach your goals.

  1. Call out Companions

The torch race was actually a relay race, which means no one ran it alone. Source out your running team, and get their assistance. Find an accountability partner for personal goals you have made. Let a coworker (or all your team members) in on your vision, and depend on them for help. Urge your employees to all run in the same direction and you will naturally inspire each other as you go along.

  1. Focus on the Finish

Keep your eyes on that prize, whatever it is in any given task that you perform. Perhaps you are working toward building a more cohesive work environment for your company, or expanding your business opportunities by a certain percentage by the end of the year. Never lose sight of those long-term goals, and celebrate the steps you take along the way.

There you have it. You might not enter the Olympics next year, but that’s okay. As long as your flame is still burning brightly in the months to come, you’ll finish strong and be a winner.

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