Can you believe that we are in the 4th quarter already?!? Where did the year go? I am sure that you are busy planning for 2013 (you ARE planning, aren’t you?!?) but don’t forget that we still have over 60 days left in THIS year to make sales!

Many companies start to coast once the leaves start turning colors and they continue their coasting all the way through the holidays. But, there are still sales to be had, deals to be made and partnerships to be created! What would it mean to your book of business if you could make one more call and close one more deal? What if you did this once a week for the rest of the year? Imagine what kind of momentum you could create going into 2013 by driving those kinds of results during your 4th quarter.

So, how do you squeeze this into your already full schedule? Try one, or all, of these tactics.

We all have different schedules, varying responsibilities and competing priorities, so regardless of when you start to pack your briefcase at the end of your day, how about turning back to the phone and making ONE MORE CALL.

Getting hungry for lunch? Right when you start to stand up from your desk, sit back down and before taking off…make ONE MORE CALL.

Are you in the field a lot? Next time you’re sitting in traffic, plug in your “hands free” device and make ONE MORE CALL!

Showed up early for an appointment? Or worse, you’re on time but they’re not? Not to worry, make use of that time by making ONE MORE CALL!

It is as easy as boiling water…follow me for a second… Water boils at 211degrees…but at 212, boiling water makes steam. Steam can power trains, towns and turbines. One degree makes all the difference.
What difference can ONE MORE CALL make in your world?

Grow Big or Go Home!