LOVE All Your Customers!!

LOVE All Your Customers!!

February is here and LOVE is in the air. But what about loving your cranky clients? And the crazy ones too, not to mention the cranky crazy ones?…they take the cake! Whether it’s the demanding diva, the unorganized oaf or “right this second” Ralph, we can help you diffuse any situation. Treat all your clients with LOVE.

Listen. Most angry people just want to be heard. Seriously. Why do you think they start yelling? So, let them talk. And likely, they will talk it out themselves and feel better. A little like therapy.

Observe something positive. Regardless of what makes or is making someone crazy, everyone has admirable traits. When you are faced with someone making you crazy, think positive thoughts about them. Even if you don’t know them to be true. This is for you, not for them, and we promise this will make you feel better.

Validate their feelings. People get cranky. People have bad days. You can appreciate how they’re feeling without agreeing to why they feel that way.

Empathize. Let them know that you can understand their position (but you don’t have to apologize). Acknowledge that you ‘get it’ and that you can see their point of view and that you will help. You can be their point of contact to help them fix this or get through it.

Engage them in a solution. After listening, calming your own thoughts, and validating their feelings, most reasonable people will be in a place to have a rational conversation. Now is a good time to engage them and ask if they have an idea or a solution.

Once you LOVE a customer in this fashion, working collaboratively to solve problems is more achievable.

So, as you go through the rest of this month…think of ways that you can help your team LOVE all of your clients!!

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