Love Is in the Air

Love Is in the Air

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. We see signs of it everywhere. Roses. Chocolates. Saccharine romance movie on Netflix.

It’s all about love. In keeping with this theme, how can we promote love when it comes to business and customers? No, I’m not talking about sending a bouquet of flowers to everyone on your mailing list. Not that kind of love. The wisest promote the idea that love is far less an emotion than it is an action.

Here are three ways to promote the action of love, not just in February, but year ‘round.

  1. Demonstrate appreciation

We touched on this throughout the month of November with the gratitude theme, but a reminder can’t hurt when it comes to something so important. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. You know this because you like to feel appreciated. Right? So follow that good old – and ever new – golden rule by demonstration appreciation to others.

  • Thank clients for their business
  • Thank your team members for making your company what it is
  • Thank someone who gave you a great idea or inspired you when you were lacking focus.
  1. Be Original in Expressing Love

I love Italian food. I also love my dog. I love my family. I also love my customers. And my friends. The challenge is to express my vastly varying love for these widely different categories in unique ways. How can you express love to your clients?

  • Host a party solely for current customers (of course, keeping in line with regulations!)
  • Hold a giveaway/raffle
  • Have a podcast or webinar where you share secrets of success

Find what works for your people. Be original. Show that you care in a way that also promotes the brand of you.

  1. Communicate Frequently

When you are part of someone’s life, you like to be just that: a part. Communication is a key to togetherness and camaraderie. It is how those in your life know what is going on with you. It takes time, but is well worth the effort.

  • Post friendly updates on your Facebook page
  • Send out a newsy email or newsletter
  • Send a personal letter

You can express love in ten thousand ways. When you chance on a method that works for you – or more than one method – stick to it. Then find more. And stick to them too. Always be building your modes of expressing love and appreciation to those around you, and you will find your business (and your heart) is ever-growing.

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