More Gifts From The Wise

This time of year, it’s no big news that gifts and giving are top of mind with many of us. That’s why a few years ago, I used this space to share some “Gifts From The Wise”—special gifts that form the foundation of much of the wisdom that is traditionally shared during the holiday season.

We talked about “Generosity,” “Frankness,” and “More.” Well, speaking of “more,” here are three more valuable gifts…and the best part is, you can give them, receive them or reap the benefits of them without adding a single dollar to your credit card balance.

Patience. If you’re like me, you may be what’s sometimes called a “high-energy individual.” New ideas and action plans come readily, and I can’t imagine any reason on earth why they shouldn’t be achieved—immediately!

That’s sometimes the case, when the actions are entirely within your own control.  But often, they aren’t. And that’s when the gift of patience becomes so valuable.

It doesn’t prevent us from doing all we can to set the table for our next Big Accomplishment….but it tempers our expectations and keeps us from boiling over inside. It’s a vital tool that helps us keep things in perspective and allows us to maintain a focused and measured approach to daily life.

The wise not only possess this gift, but are well-skilled in its use. Try to infuse a little more patience into your life—you may discover that practice does indeed make perfect.

Assurance. How many of the obstacles we encounter in our lives stem from a nagging self-doubt that maybe our well-planned strategies and decisions might have been the wrong steps to take after all?

The gift of assurance doesn’t mean inflating your ego to levels of infallibility—instead, it provides a secure foundation to build your ambitions upon. Know who you are, what you’ve done and what you can do, and move forward with a steady confidence.

Know your strengths, play to the best of your abilities, and don’t worry about everyone else needing to know how great you are—if you totally know and believe in yourself, you can spare yourself endless anguish and worry waiting for applause from the rest of the world.

Empathy. It is all too easy for us to wander through this world wrapped up within ourselves, focused on the many opportunities and challenges we rise to every day. But this world is not our own stage—regardless of the castles and monuments we build over our lifetimes, all that will ultimately be remembered of us is how we treated others.

And keeping the needs, hopes, and feelings of the rest of the earth’s population at the forefront of our minds is key to that.

This isn’t just about dropping a fiver into the charity kettles this season (although I highly recommend it.) No, a true sense of empathy impacts every dealing you have with every individual, every second of every day.

It’s a mindset, and those who possess a true mastery of this gift are the ones you’ll remember as you look back on your own life—guaranteed.

Happy Holidays to you all, and remember, in 2018…Grow Big or Go Home!