New Year’s Eve Resolutions

New Year ’s Eve Resolutions

Yes, it’s that time of year, and no, you didn’t misread the title of this week’s post.

We’re discussing “New Year’s EVE Resolutions.” Let me explain.

At year’s end, no matter how busy the holiday season, we usually find at least a few moments to stop and catch our breath, to reflect on the year gone by, and the one to come.

And right about now, we’re occasionally guilty of a little procrastination, as in….”come January 1, I’m really going to start exercising/dieting/reading/fill-in-the-blanking.” So we wait.

Well, sorry to shatter your snow-globe, but you’ve still got the whole month of December.  And even though it’s busy with holiday activities and events of all shapes and sizes, it may just give you an opportunity to get a little ahead of the curve, business-wise.

For retailers, it’s usually too busy to do much else, period. I get that. But not everybody’s industry goes crazy in December, and many actually slow down (partially because clients and colleagues are all busy with holiday parties, too.)

If that’s the case with you, consider getting a head start on the New Year, and come up with some realistic, short-term goals you can accomplish by December 31.

It could be simple end-of-the-year maintenance tasks, like filing, sorting, rearranging and reorganizing. Or, a quiet snowy day could provide the ideal time for strategizing about 2017….coming up with those little extra ideas that might not be captured in your plan for the coming year.

You do have a plan for 2017, right? If not, you might want to make that Goal Number One.  (We can help with some tips on planning, here)

Compiling a list of New Year’s Eve Resolutions—all of which need to be completed before you head off to party down on December 31—formalizes the short-term planning process, and gives you a road-map designed to lead you to desirable outcomes during a time of year when distractions are at their peak.

Your list doesn’t need to be a full-blown plan—just a bullet-point collection of to-do’s and due dates.

But keeping it handy in written form can help you accomplish a few tasks before the calendar page turns….and that may just help you start 2017 a little bit ahead of the next guy.

Because trust me, come January 2, if you hit the ground running while the rest of the world is still staggering, you may build a lead that you hang onto until the NEXT year.

And all it takes is a little “resolve.”

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