One Life Left

Well, it’s July, which means it’s time for the one memo I send each year that I hope you’re NOT reading in the office—because that’s our topic: not being in the office.

Or more specifically, the importance of time off.

It’s no secret that periodic rest and rejuvenation is of critical importance to the continued high performance of successful individuals. Yet I continue to encounter many leaders and managers who still seek to avoid it, and worse yet, sometimes even brag about it.

You know the type: “Why, I haven’t taken any time off in at least three years…or four….or five.”  Well, don’t let this be you.

The health benefits of vacations are well-documented, and I won’t go through them here. But what about the benefits to your business?

I know it’s heresy to suggest that things can run just fine without you, but—(and I’ll whisper this)—they can.

And our time away from the desk—hopefully, somewhere relaxing—can yield major dividends.

For one, how often during the course of a typical workday do you ever give yourself time to do nothing but think?

A successful vacation doesn’t necessarily mean not thinking at all about work—for most of us, that’s nearly impossible. But it affords time to do that thinking in a different context.

Sometimes you’ve simply got to clear your head, so there’s room for the best answers to creep inside. Ever try to change a tire on a moving car? I don’t advise it.

Instead, stop for a minute and step back to figure things out—you might be surprised how much more quickly those solutions can come at the beach, as opposed to in the break room.

Sometimes “doing nothing” can end up being the biggest and most important thing you can possible do.

Here’s a tip you can take from those millennials, who too often get a bad rap in the business world. That generation who grew up with video games seems to have a pretty good concept of using up one’s available “lives.”

Most games let you play until your energy reserves are used up, and experienced gamers know you have to keep an eye on that flashing power indicator. And when it starts running low, it’s time to eat a gold coin (or something like that!) to power back up.

And so it goes with taking time to refresh, renew, and recharge.

Because here in the real world, you’ve got one life left—use it the right way!

Grow Big or Go Home!