Penny for Your Thoughts

Penny for Your Thoughts

This installment of our Soapbox is a bit different. We are not offering advice (although if you’re a loyal reader you know we love to give it). We are not giving you 3 steps to follow (3 is our favorite number!). We just want to start a conversation. This topic is one of the brightest blips on our radar, but we’re finding it’s not even in range for many of our clients. We would love to hear your thoughts on ourFacebook page to get the conversation started!

Our industry is aging and it’s getting harder to attract our future leaders. Discuss.

If you look around your company today, you will likely see a few Millenials (youngsters born 1980+), a lot of Generation X (1960’s and 70’s) and a whole lotta’ baby boomers! These baby boomers are most likely your leadership. They have been there the longest and weathered the most storms. If this is what you see, it is both an asset and a liability for your company.

It’s an asset because there is likely great experience in your leadership team.

But the liability is that your leadership team will likely retire in the next 10 years.

What are the odds that succession planning is at the forefront of your 2-5 year plan? Chances are that you have been so busy running your business that you have not even given more than a passing thought to creating an actual plan. Is it too late? Maybe…but let’s talk about it. Here are some things that we hear from our clients:

  1. Succession planning is daunting.
  2. It is not time yet.
  3. Today’s employees just aren’t engaged and loyal, I don’t see them hanging around.
  4. I don’t even know where to start.

Do you feel the same? Join or contribute to the discussion on Facebook and let us know what you’re thinking.

  1. Are you worried about succession planning in your organization?
  2. When is the right time to be concerned?
  3. How do you plan on developing and/or recruiting your company’s future leaders?

We look forward to your thoughts and if you want help planning, give us a call!!

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