Seasonal Selling

‘Tis the season! If you’re like me, you find this truly one of the best times of the year. There’s a warm glow everywhere you go, as many folks go about their daily tasks with a little more bounce in their step, and a few more smiles per hour.

And it’s also a great time for….sales!


Yes. Now, hear me out. You can indeed work an effective strategy for selling into your seasonal game plan….without sacrificing the sincerity and genuine warmth of the holidays for commercial gain.

After all, there’s just as much opportunity in December for selling as there is during the other eleven months, even more…and it’s worth pursuing.

Still skeptical? It all comes down to two of my favorite words: consultative selling.

Consultative selling differs from traditional selling in that the sales person bases his or her approach on discovering the wants and needs of the prospective client, and positioning his or her offering to meet those needs.

And as such, it involves not so much talking, and a whole lot more listening.

It’s not pitching products—it’s fulfilling wishes. And what could be more seasonal than that?

After all, when you go to sit on Santa’s lap, does he try and sell you on whatever he’s got overstocked in his North Pole warehouse? Of course not—he asks you what YOU want.

And in that way, consultative selling gives you the chance to play Santa. When you’ve taken the time to fully explore and assess your prospect’s needs and can match them to a product or service you just happen to have in your pack….everybody wins!

And believe me, you have plenty of opportunities in a typical holiday season to do this. But if you plow into them like a high-pressure sales maven of old, you’ll soon rival the Grinch in yuletide popularity.

Take the time to really engage with the folks you encounter at those holiday mixers and December gatherings. Get to know the new faces you meet, and listen to their stories.

Build those relationships from a human standpoint, and enjoy the real fruits of the exchange—both professional AND personal. Some chats may lead to sales, some may not.

But don’t give your inner salesperson the month off. Keep a mental record of who you’ve connected with and what might come of it….and follow up at an appropriate time.

You might be surprised how many of those holiday parties turn out to be very productive networking events….with just a little more tinsel, and a few more bells.

And as Santa always said….GROW BIG OR GO HOME!