Spoiler alert—it’s not all about you!

Spoiler alert—it’s not all about you!

More than 400 years ago, a fellow named Galileo Galilei came up with what was, at the time, a paradigm-shattering observation:

The universe does not revolve around YOU.

Well, more specifically, he correctly theorized that other planets in our solar system rotate around the sun, and not the earth. But since you most likely do not live on the sun, our paraphrasing of Galileo’s discovery still works.

The reason for this week’s foray into the astro-sciences is this: frequently when soliciting new and potential customers, making cold calls, and following up on leads, we end up experiencing rejection.

Nobody makes the sale every time. But when we fall short, we too often tend to blame ourselves.

If I’d only been more enthusiastic….if I’d only remembered all of those selling points….if I’d only spent more time establishing a relationship….I went for the sale too soon….

Sure, all of those could be legitimate factors in your less-than-desirable result.

But so could literally thousands of other factors.

My point is…don’t be a narcissist—it’s not always all about you.

And therefore, you shouldn’t allow yourself to get depressed when a sales call fails to achieve its goal.

First of all…“no” is temporary. Whatever factors influenced today’s decision could be completely different (or even non-existent) tomorrow. Don’t let today’s refusal slow you down in your efforts.

Statistics bear this out. Did you know that more than half of all sales prospects who eventually buy say no at least four times before that? Remember that next time a hot lead turns you down three times in a row!

And don’t take it personally. Is it really possible that a prospect may be saying no just because he or she doesn’t like you? Based on a five-minute phone call?

Well, I suppose. But chances are, if you’ve chosen a career in sales and have met with any success along the way at all, it is extremely unlikely that one quick call is going to rate you a permanent thumbs-down.

Success in sales is about building relationships. And “hate-at-first-sight” is a phenomenon even more rare than “love-at-first-sight.” (And we know how rare THAT is.)

Give yourself some time, learn from every interaction, and always give yourself a second chance.

And when you get discouraged, take a moment to glance at the heavens, and remember the good work of Galileo….it’s not all about you!

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