Sales, in my experience, is generally a very aggressive, confrontational, high pressure, sort of endeavor where instead of doing business with the “right” customer who wants you, it teaches you how to “convince” any customer why they need you. OLC uses the former strategy, it’s a subtle perspective change, but one I appreciate and it suits my world view.  I feel as if their techniques focus less on aggression and more on thoughtful persuasion.  

I am a  self-described “quiet person.” Quiet people are the introverts among us, who gain energy and recharge by being by themselves. The thing that struck me about OLC’s approach to sales is that it is really applicable to quiet people. Tradition sales is a numbers game, talk to 1,000 people to get 50 responses. But I felt as if their approach was, “Know your customer, know yourself, and only talk to those who can engage in mutual benefit with you.” I do not need to talk to people ad nauseum. I just need to talk to the right people. I signal to people who I am and what I can offer by showing them I understand what they get out of the deal, before I ever talk about what I want out of the deal.