Michael Rubin, NTP

I worked with OLC for six months over 10 years ago, and I haven’t been a client of theirs since. It has been incredible. What you learn you can take with you forever and use. It’s about learning structure. How to do a 90-day plan, weekly plan, or run sales meeting. I have taken their structure with me to many companies, ones I have worked for and ones that I have owned. The OLC system is applicable to all sides of the business. 

The first meeting with OLC was an intro to the program and the idea that everyone contributes to sales in some way. I took to it quickly and realized I was in the wrong position. OLC pulled out in me things that were always there and taught me how to do this job. How to succeed in sales – since I learned from her first I was never taught the wrong way. OLC changed my career.  

Very few people do the small things right to lead to sales; OLC captures all the thinking and systems to do it right from the beginning.