The Art of Good Business – Creating a Story

The Art of Good Business – Creating a Story

Everyone loves a good story. The art of storytelling goes way back. Before written history and mankind’s memory, stories were told. They kept legends alive. They spoke courage and adventure into the hearts of young listeners. They shaped culture and constructed current images of times gone by.

So if stories are so important and foundational to humanity, how can you use the power of story in your business? How can you invoke that ancient art to enhance your company?

Know your story. And use it. You can do this by asking yourself two questions.

  1. Where did you come from?

Start your company’s presentation – to potential clients or perfect strangers – with a story. You’ll have their attention. Of course, you don’t want to create a two-hour monologue (two minutes or less is best), but give a brief and interesting story of where you came from and how you came to be where you are today.

Own your story.

  1. Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Your origin story should directly, and seamlessly, transition into your current story. Why are you actively pursuing what your business is pursuing? Why do you offer the services or products that you offer? It could very well be connected to your origin story and move directly into it, but don’t just stop at your creation narrative; make sure that the main focus is what you do and what you offer today.

Make sure that everybody in your company knows the story, and has a way to own that story and weave it together with their own. It starts with you.

What’s your story?

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