Wise Investment Choices (Part 1) – Invest in Education

Wise Investment Choices (Part 2) – Invest in Your Team

Ask most kids and they will tell you that the best thing about the summer is “No school!” But by the time we grow up and (hopefully) wise up, we realize just how important education is. Those who want to remain on the cutting edge of their business or field choose to continually educate themselves.
Here are four ways you can invest in bettering your life through education this summer:
1. Take a Local Class
Most towns and cities have adult schools where you can sign up for classes on a variety of topics. Whether you want to learn more about computers or cooking, money management or personal growth, you will be sure to find something that caters to your interest. Many adult schools also offer career technical education and certification courses.
2. Sign up for an Online Course
Perhaps you don’t have the time to take a local education class, or maybe nothing is offered in your city that appeals to you. Look no further than your computer screen! More and more courses are being offered online through a variety of companies, educational facilities, and other professionals. When you take an online class, you can remain at home and still expand your horizons.
3. Visit the Library
Yes, they do still exist, and they are still quiet, spacious buildings that exude peace and possibility. Create a list of skills you want to hone that can better your opportunities at work or in your personal life. Most libraries have websites where you can log in, search for books and reserve them, and pick them up from your local branch. You’ll often find online databases with e-books and online books that you can browse, “check out,” and read without having to leave home. College and university libraries also have vast online databases accessible to the public.
4. Hire a Coach
There is nothing like the personalized input that a coach can give. Whether a life coach, a fitness coach, or a consultant to grow your business, a coach can help you position yourself for unprecedented success. They can recommend positive actions and needed changes that will result in progress and growth.

Invest in yourself through education this summer! Determine to learn something new! As a wise writer once stated, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss